Julie Donfrancesco

Words written for tails.com

This isn’t a boring brown biscuit, it’s tails.com: the dog food company giving dogs their own unique recipe of tasty kibble. When tails.com (yes, they say the whole thing) started, it was 5 passionate people in a shed. By the time I got my hands on the brand, it was a fast-growing scale-up with a gazillion pound push from Purina. The problem? Their tone of voice wasn’t growing with them. What had once sounded cool now sounded breathless. All that cute got cloying. And funny? It was more troll than lol. Nobody’s pawfect. I took their tone of voice and gave it a refresh. The sort of evolution that gives writers and non-writer the tools they need to still sound like them without the bonkers. Then I took the new rules, new examples, new everything, and trained the lovely people there in writing workshops, tone of voice presentations, and social content so everyone knew what they were writing, and why.

Client: Tails.com

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